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National Integrity



The following Diving Australia National Integrity Framework policies are in place to protect all participants and deliverers of the sport:

  • Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy

  • Member Protection Policy  

  • Competition Manipulation and Sports Gambling Policy

  • Improper Use of Drugs and Medicines Policy

These core policies are underpinned by the

  • Complaints, Disputes and Discipline Policy

What is Sport Integrity?

Sport is an Australian way of life. It brings people together, regardless of any differences in language, ability, culture and beliefs, and provides physical, social and economic benefits.

For those reasons, it’s critical that we keep diving safe and fair, for everyone who participates.

Threats to sports integrity include things like illicit drug use, doping, competition-manipulation and behaviours that impact people’s positive experience of sport, such as discrimination or abuse.

Integrity in sport means that athletes, supporters and fans can participate and celebrate sport, confident in the knowledge that they are part of a safe, fair and inclusive environment.

Diving Australia and Diving WA takes integrity seriously.

All our members and participants have an obligation to protect and maintain the integrity of sport, as well as the health and wellbeing of people who participate.

We work closely with Sport Integrity Australia, the national agency established to protect sport against integrity threats. 

Full Diving Australia (incorporates DWA) NIF Policies found HERE










Health and Safety policies

Complimentary Integrity Policies

Operational Policies

Historical and Archived Policies



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Reporting Integrity Issues - If you see something, say something!

 Please contact your local law enforcement agency or dial ‘000’ if there is an immediate threat to an individual’s safety.

For matters relating to a child being at risk of harm, you may also wish to report your concerns to your local child protection agency. We cannot assist in emergency situations.

 Matters relating to DopingChild Safeguarding or Discrimination in sport should be reported to Sport Integrity Australia through one of these methods:

  • Filling out the webform on the Sport Integrity Australia website
  • Phoning 13 000 27232
  • Completing the 'report an issue' form in the Sport Integrity App. This can be anonymous if you choose.

 Matters relating to harassment, discrimination, child protection, or any other form of misconduct can be raised with Diving WA and/or Diving Australia


Everyone from athletes, parents, support personnel, administrators and supporters play a role in protecting the integrity of our sport.


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