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The Bruce Prance Dryland Diving Centre is located at HBF Stadium, a state of the art diving facility.

The facility has been intentionally designed with flexibility in mind, ensuring that individuals of all ages and abilities can partake in the exhilarating experience of diving. This inclusivity aims to foster increased interest in the sport among a wide range of people.

Crafted according to the rigorous standards set by World Aquatics (FINA), the facility's design will empower athletes and coaches to refine their diving techniques with precision. By utilizing the dryland facility, divers will be able to engage in ten times more repetitions compared to traditional water-based training. This increased practice opportunity will significantly contribute to their skill development and mastery of the sport.

The facility encompass an array of essential equipment, including:

  • x6 springboards
  • 1m + 3m platform towers
  • x3 trampolines at ground level
  • x6 harnesses
  • sprung floor surround by mirrored wall
  • foam pit
  • weights area
  • video replay analysis (x3 locations)

All located in close proximity to the diving pool, allowing for seamless transitions and optimal training conditions.

In addition, the facility integrates cutting-edge technology to provide coaches and divers with advanced analysis capabilities. With two video replay systems in place it enables thorough examination and evaluation of diving techniques. The state-of-the-art technology enhances coaching methodologies and facilitates comprehensive feedback for divers, further enhancing their performance and progress.




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